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  • Has 144 LEDs, each pair amplified using focusing lens, which enables redundancy and additional luminescence.

  • The lenses prevents light scattering, which might blind passing drivers or even invade nearby apartments. The lens focuses the excess light to enhance it on the desired surface.

The lighting fixture head

Characterized with two way lighting.

Typical pole height 8.4 meter-

12600 lm in total, 130 lm per watt, which are 96 watt.

Pole height up to 10 meter-

In addition, the customer can ask for specific height under special order.

The lighting fixture head intensity

Photoelectric sleeve

  • The solar unit installed on the lighting pole as a photoelectric sleeve

  • The sleeve absorbs light from all over (360º), made from mono crystal silicon cells with efficiency that exceeds 23%, features high durability coating which repels dust, dirt and precipitations.

  • The sleeve contains 64 Photoelectric cells in a symmetrically formation along its length.

Energy management system

Smart system for energy management in a controlled manner.


Energy bank

  • Energy storage – New Lithium-Iron battery.

  • Battery Life span up is 7 Years manufacturer warranty for 5 years.

  • (Compared to common Lead Acid batteries with the life span of 2 years)

  • By discharging the batteries up to 40%, it is possible to maintain the quality and life span of the batteries, which means the batteries, has backup power for extreme situations.


Energy management unit

Characterized with the following abilities: 100% dimming, self-learning of the weather conditions to control the lights accordingly, remote management and control.


  • This model mainly used for boulevard lighting, urban roads, intercity highway.

  • The Taqa model characterized by patented design and esthetics. There is no need for cleaning maintenance duo to the unique design.

  • Features high quality lighting, management and control adaptive system, versatility, which comes from the system’s hybridity. In addition it can be deployed quickly especially in the absence of infrastructures. 

Boulevard Lighting

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